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About - Hardik International 
Hardik International is directly linked to the health. We manufacture and supply Orthopedic Implants and Instruments with Wide range of Products for Orthopedic Society. Our Core products are Bone Plates, Bone Screw, Interlocking Nails, Hip prosthesis, External Fixator, Spine etc...

We sell to Distributors, Hospitals and Wholesalers all over the world who are using / Selling our products in their local Market.

What we do ?

We manufacture and supply Orthopedic Implants and Instruments like Bone Screw, Cancellous Screw, Pedicle Screw, Reconstruction Plate, DHS Plate, Interlocking Nail, Tibia Nail, Guide Wire, Endo Button,  External Fixator, Biopolar hip prosthesis, etc.. We sell to Hospital, Distributors and Wholesalers all over the world who are using / Selling our products in their local Market.

How we got started ?

In December 1990, Founder Mr. Mukesh M. Hadvani had started small scale manufacturing in Mumbai, In 2000 the company got incorporated and since than we had expanded our presence frequently around the world, providing quality products and best of the service. The present sales in export is impressive 87%.

How Are We Different?

True commitment towards Quality and Time management, we had retain 94% retention in our existing business and they had referred our products to their Friends, Family and co-surgeons. We go beyond ISO 13485:2003 and CE norms which is necessary, to assure products of consistently good quality and effectiveness. Apart from product Quality, we are also reputed for prompt delivery, Valued to buyer's business, Friendly culture and the team which includes  the most experienced business and technology professionals.

Many importers are selling our products under their brands. This itself is a testimony to acceptances of our core competencies in quality control, product design & development.

Quality Policy

We want to provide a small contribution towards Orthopedic Society, and for this we believe in providing quality of highest level. Not only our products conform to  ISO 13485:2012 and CE standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms.

What is the company's philosophy ?

We believe in "No Compromise", We understand that life is precious. Since the beginning of Hardik International we based on High quality, friendly and effective service and value of buyers business. We are  believes in long term relationship and mutual growth as objective. At Hardik International Quality is an Oxygen and Service is Heart.

Management Team

The experienced and passionate team, at Hardik International, is led by management that has a blend of strategic, operational and financial expertise. The management has relevant experience of an average of over 25 years and our leaders share extensive and long-established relationships with our partners.

Mr. Mukesh Hadvani founded this organization in December,1990 with commitment to provide best Quality with "No Compromise" Attitude. He has got significant knowledge and experience in the medical devise industry. He always treat Employees as a part of Family, and he had never compromised towards Work.

Mr. Mayur Kalariya ( Director), posses with dynamic personality. His nature and method of work is attracted by each of Hardik employee. He is having significant knowledge in production, Finance and Operation. He is one of the motivator in Hardik International. His energy and problem solving skill is worthy.

Mr. Hardik Patel (Director), added an extra value to the business. A Export professional, bring 90% export growth with his troubleshooting skill and experience. He is a owner of friendly nature. His continues innovative ideas and international representation created awareness of Hardik International.

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